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      Relaxation for two “Roses Bliss”

We invite you to spend holidays in our hotel surrounded by the aroma and blossom of roses. From the whirling city straight to the royal rest!

We may offer:

- 2 nights in a double room;

- breakfast at the hotel restaurant (on request we may service breakfast to the room with no extra payment);

- 2 lovely dinners with the aura of roses ;

- freshly pressed fruit juice

- for womans body and face care procedure “Inner Harmony” (body and face massage with a refreshing face mask) ; 

- for mans classic massage "Olympic I" (Strong classic body massage )

One more procedure You can choose

           - luxury feet care procedure “For the Beloved” (foot peeling with scrub, leg mask, leg and feet massage with rose oil, pedicure, nail polishing on requested);


            - back massage (heating at steam bathhouses 30 min after that massage 30 min.)


- rose tea with honey served daily at the hotel restaurant and after massage;

- fruit bowl in the room and rosy sparkling wine "Charles de Fere";

- bathing in the mineral water massage whirlpool bath, heating at steam bathhouses, daily service of body-building equipment.

                                                  Price – 333,35 Eur / 1151, - lt .

                      You will feel exceptional in the care of our personnel.

                      On weekdays a 5 % discount is applicable to this relaxation pack.


   In case our guests order a 3-night relaxation pack, it will be supplemented by herbal bath and dinner for 2 persons.                                     Price – 437,91 Eur. / 1512, - lt


                    On weekdays a 10 % discount is applicable to this relaxation package