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Druskininkai – the largest resort in Lithuania, situated in the southeast of Lithuania, surrounded by pine forests, lakes and rivers.  Druskininkai was founded in 1794 by the King of Lithuania and Poland Stanislovas Augustas Poniatovskis.  It is a year-round resort famous for its natural healing powers:  mineral water springs, medicinal mud, a soft, and warm micro-climate.

The following ailments are treated successfully in Druskininai – cardiovascular, gastro-intestinal, motory, nervous system, lung and others.

Druskininkai is famous not only for its natural wonders, but also for its world-famous artists.  M.K. Ciurlionis, the artists and composer, created masterpieces here.  The famous modernist sculptor Jacques Lipschitz was born here.

The resort really comes alive in summertime:  many popular performers and artists come to town.  There are many traditional events:  resort festivals, the Druskininkai summer with M.K. Ciurlionis, violin and piano concerts: the Druskininkai Fall Poetry Slam, international art and sculpture symposiums at the Draugyste Spa.

Guest can enjoy walking excursions, drives and steamboat voyages around the beautiful surrounding area.

More information about Druskininkai can be found at: www.druskininkai.lt