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Relaxation for two “Honey Bliss” at the hotel “Violeta”


We invite you to taste honey for two at the hotel “Violeta” on the banks of the river Nemunas. Taste and aroma of honey will enrich your rest with energy, warm your body, brighten your mood.


The price includes:

- 2 nights at a double room;

- breakfast at the restaurant of the hotel every day (served to the room on the request);

- 2 suppers with mead. Dishes include special recipes with honey;

- massage “Honey” for two persons (cleansing and nourishing lymphodraining massage of all body with honey and oil);

- tea (herbal, ginger, spice) with honey and biscuits;

- pearl whirl herbal bath;

- room with honey biscuits and vase of fruit;

-   bathing in a mineralized water pool with massaging whirl streams, heating in steam saunas, body-building equipment every day.


Price 232,00 Eur .


On weekdays a  discount is applied on this service pack


If you order 3-night relaxation, the rest pack includes an extra underwater massage procedure and costs 324,00 Eur .


 On weekdays a  discount is applied on this service pack

We will try to see you off from the hotel feeling full of energy, in high mood, relaxed and happy, having felt the taste and power of honey